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Sino-french International associated laboratory

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Ongoing French PhD and Master's Theses

 PhD Theses:

Directed by Laurence Roulleau-Berger

  • Marie Bellot: Authoritarian context and production of "intermediate spaces" in China: economic commitments and political aspirations of young Chinese born after 1980.
  • Zakaria Benmalek: Migration careers of Chinese people in Algeria
  • Verena Richardier: Humanitarian reason decentering and new moving sovereignties :  Handicap International local partnerships in China and Mali.
  • Jean Tassin: Chinese associations' autonomy, cases of environmental mobilizations.
  • Beatrice Zani: Circumnavigating the Glocal. Objects, Subjects and Emotions on the Move Between China and Taiwan
  • Oscar Truong: Young "hobos" in China : Contestatory Aspirations and Collective Micro-mobilizations

Master's Theses: 

Directed by Laurence Roulleau-Berger


  • Colette Bottazzi: Social enterprises in China & appropriation of environmental issues : from environmental awareness to action (Yunnan – Kunming).